Digital Projects

  Farzad's Background Knowledge Probing and Muddiest Point 2. Tim Schmuland: What is the Role of the Instructor? 3. Adam Neave's Dyadic Interviews 4. Case Studies by Tim Schmuland

Inclusive education

Inclusive education has different meanings and contexts. Here is Unesco's definition of inclusive education (2009): "Inclusive education is a process that involves the transformation of schools and other centres of learning to cater for all children – including boys and girls, students from ethnic and linguistic minorities, rural populations, those affected by HIV and AIDS, … Continue reading Inclusive education

Self-Directed Learning, Creativity and Intrinsic Motivation ..

  This is a model that my classmate Nesha shared for to help us visualize the 4 aspects to a Self Directed Learning Model.     Seems like intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation is hard to separate out even with one task or goal. Often we have both going at the same time, such as with this course … Continue reading Self-Directed Learning, Creativity and Intrinsic Motivation ..